Conferences and Seminars

We specialise in the comprehensive organisation of conferences, seminars and congresses. Depending on the scope of the entrusted activities, we develop the concept of the event, plan and handle financial, logistics and technical matters, the visual and graphic design. We also provide appropriate conference materials and promotion following project conclusion.

Why us?

  • Operating in the industry for years and having prepared numerous events, we have gained expertise in collaboration with the best subcontractors, who guarantee professionalism and a high level of services.
  • In-depth knowledge of the markets of subcontractors, hotel accommodations and caterers, we assist in optimising the costs of the conference. Our goal is to organise events of the highest level, at the lowest possible cost, without the risks coming with cutting corners.
  • During the event we are available 24 hours a day, handling the agenda during the day and organising informal meetings in the evening. After the event, we handle the promotion using PR-techniques.
  • We have seen - and kept our cool - in many difficult situations. Keeping our composure under pressure is an expression of our professionalism.

Examples of services:

  1. Finance, budget, program:

- creating the optimal conference budget

- handling attendance fees

- handling of invoices and billings

- drafting the event program

  1. Conference venue:

- choice of the location, depending on the number of participants, the session schedule, technical requirements

- booking conference rooms

- booking accommodation for participants

- preparing the venue

- marking the venue and its surroundings (venue access)

  1. The conference office:

- ensuring information circulation (participants, sponsors, exhibitors)

- preparing and sending of invitations

- preparing an online application form

- handling payments

- preparing a database of speakers, participants and guests

  1. Website:

- Creation and administration of the conference’s website

  1. Reception:

- providing trained, professional staff

- handling the registration of participants

- preparing an information booth

- distribution of conference materials and ID’s

- guest accommodation

  1. Transportation:

- providing transport from/to the airport

- providing transport to accompanying events

- providing VIP transport

  1. Venue Technical Support:

- providing professional equipment for presentations

- preparation of specialised sound equipment

- technical staff support

- preparing teletransmissions and teleconferences

- preparing recording of session (audio and video)

  1. Catering and coffee breaks:

- choosing the menu, accounting for the budget, number of guests, duration of breaks

- preparing the buffet

- preparing the VIP rooms

- preparing the venue’s setting (music, decorations and attractions)

  1. Translation:

- preparing the translation of printed materials

- assuring simultaneous interpreting

- providing interpreting equipment

  1. Conference materials:

- defining the visual identification of the conference

- preparing conference materials (paper and electronic)

- preparing ID’s

- preparing gadgets with the logo of the organiser and sponsors

- preparing information boards

The range services shown above is that our baseline offer. Clients expecting custom implementation, should contact the office of the Royal Prestige Club. Together we will create an unforgettable event!