Sports events

Sports events are increasingly integral to company policies, combining business with pleasure, encouraging their employees to extend their physical activities and care for their health. In addition to health benefits, no less important are the social, public and media contexts. Therefore, we invite you to sponsor elite sports events, organised in cooperation with the Partners of the Royal Prestige Club.

Why us?

  • We engage Customers to participate in elite sports events. "Passions with class" include amongst others The Arabian Horse Festival, as well as tournaments possessing media potential, such as: tennis, badminton, golf and contract bridge.
  • We cooperate with Polish Institutions and Corporations in organising and coordinating sporting events for employees. Our portfolio includes the Polish Employers Cup and the Polish Badminton and Tennis Championships for the Cup of the Chairman of PGNiG.
  • Organising sports events is part of team-building and an opportunity to get to know better the people with whom we meet every day in more formal circumstances.