Theatre/Cinema Previews

We offer participation in an innovative project – a preview in a cinema or theatre, consisting of a combination of a film screening or stage play with a book promotion, graced by a visit from an esteemed guest – the Star of the Evening.

It’s much more than an ordinary screening or play. The Preview invitations are reach a carefully selected group of people, so as to optimise the communication between the Sponsor and the offer’s target. Based on the chosen offer, a Client receives various valuable promotional advantages.

Why us?

  • The role of a gold, silver or bronze Sponsor, Patron or Partner is a perfect opportunity for a novel promotion of a Company, products or services.
  • The sponsorship privileges include, among others:

- a display in the foyer

- screening of commercials on the movie screen prior to the feature

- an advertisement displayed on LCD’s in the entrance hall

- hostesses handing out fliers

- B1 advertisement posters in the cinema

- rollup advertisements in the cinema

- a specified ticket pool for the Sponsor’s guests