Our Offer


EventsLuxury locations, unique scenarios, exquisite attractions, and the confidence that the event will be prepared comprehensively and meet highest standards. At the Royal Prestige Club we handle all the details - before, during and after the event, resulting in high summary evaluations following its conclusion.
Signature EventsWe offer you an opportunity to take part in our exceptional and unique Signature Events, defining the new benchmark in the regular event market. These are highly developed innovative formulas for business and cultural events that go beyond the boundaries of the market norm. They stand for prestige, a high comfort of cooperation, as well as financial and image benefits for each Customer, Partner and Sponsor.
Training CoursesWe recommend investing in the human potential of your organisation through training dedicated to low- and mid-tier employees as well as workshops created with the executive level management staff in mind. We guarantee the highest professional level of the courses, an interesting formula focusing on practice, teaching aids and after-training support, as well as access to the best experts in a given industry.
PR, Advertising and Business ConsultingWith the best promotion in mind, we create vivid visual creations and valuable forms of advertising. We plan marketing and PR campaigns focused on the image and business goals of our clients. We care for constant presence in the media, ensuring the high visibility of promoted brands, products and services. We provide business consulting, allowing for problem solving in key areas of the company and transforming business plans into reality.