Galas, Jubilees and Inaugurations

At the Customer’s behest we organise cultural and entertainment events of a high aesthetic standard and a wide promotional range. We make a grand anniversary, a significant opening or a gala crowning an important conference become an effective tool for advertising and brand imaging. The range of activities itself is always decided by the Customer, based on his needs, budget and the expected image benefits.

Why us?

  • Depending on expectations, we give the Customer the opportunity of partial or comprehensive collaboration, taking over select responsibilities (eg. only finding and preparing the venue), or creating event from start to end (from choosing the venue and menu, to send out thank-you letters).
  • We provide great opportunities in selecting attractive venues, creating a unique scenario and providing an exquisite menu.
  • We share contacts with the best subcontractors, to the financial and image benefit of the cooperating Client.