Premieres and presentations

The premieres and presentations organised by us are exclusive events, allowing to effectively reach out with new products or services to the most important target markets, including VIPs, trendsetters and major media representatives. A coherent marketing strategy and the vast experience of the Royal Prestige Club in organising premieres and presentations is a guarantee of success for the event and of the new product on the market.

Why us?

  • We guarantee the organisation of exclusive events, prepared with attention to the uniqueness of the setting and the smallest of details.
  • We skillfully select the theme of the event to fit the promoted product or service, attracting a wide audience of VIPs, trendsetters and journalists.
  • We guarantee a wide promotional range of the premiere and support in the field of marketing and promotional strategies.
  • We enable comprehensive promotional activities in the press and on the Internet, which complement the premiere.