Connoisseur Evening

Connoisseur Evenings revolve around luxury gadgets and exclusive brands, shown in an unusual setting. Each event provides an opportunity to discover the history of a given company and to meet exceptional people who share similar passions.

Connoisseur Evenings are marked as private cultural events, during which the business world merges with the world of art and media. During these events, our goal is to glamourise luxury items even more by skillfully presenting them to a precisely defined, select audience.

Each Connoisseur Evening has its hero. Depending on the event’s theme, it can be an exclusive automobile, a valuable watch, a fountain pen of an esteemed brand or a unique fashion collection.

Why us?

  • We organise special, one of a kind openings and previews promoting luxury products - new releases, special product lines and limited editions.
  • We help you reach out directly to the target audience by arranging meetings in a relaxed club like atmosphere that fosters purchasing decisions.
  • We enable you to strengthen your brand’s prestige and build up the confidence in the promoted brand through participation in a one-of-a-kind event.