Facilitated workshops in Poland

We are delighted to let you know, that we are one of a few organisations in Poland that offer professionally facilitated workshops and organisational development processes as well as trainings in group facilitation.

The courses are dedicated to companies open to novel methods, the goal of which is to integrate groups and teams of employees in order to facilitate through business challenges and consistently fulfill corporate strategies.

We emphasise that facilitation is a workshop activity, not a training session or consulting.
The goal of the facilitator is solely to create the appropriate environment, working out solutions and formulating operational and strategic plans lies with the company’s team. The facilitator, instead of giving answers, extracts the knowledge from the groups participating in the workshops.

In the course of the facilitations we offer development and implementation of a single workshop (in a predefined scope of time) or of a series of facilitated workshops, along with preparation, evaluation and support. The workshop can be held by one or two facilitators, in the client’s headquarters or at an external venue. The size of the group is decided by the client and just the relevant persons should attend. The preparation of a workshop encompasses the analysis of a situation, requirements, strategic and operational goals as well as immediate and long term goals, which are supposed to be attained in the course of the facilitative process. The fee is negotiable and depends on the scope of the commitment.
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