Royal Perfect Day

We organise so called meetings with style, whose participants are carefully selected, demanding groups of women from the worlds of business, culture, art, media and entertainment. The main goal of the Royal Perfect Day is to directly showcase products, services and the programs of our Partners’ from various trades (for example cosmetics, men’s and women’s fashion, healthcare, aesthetic dentistry). The Experts overseeing the meeting advise and consult the participants and, having direct contact with them, are able to learn their specific needs and expectations.

The strength of the Royal Perfect Day is the large degree of freedom and flexibility of structuring the scenarios of the meetings. They take place in a casual, club-like atmosphere, combined with numerous attractions, such as dance lessons with notable instructors, mini-concerts, book promotions, vocal performances, the opportunity to undergo modern cosmetic procedures, receive advice from stylists and finally make purchases. All this makes the Royal Perfect Day an attractive form of advertisement for many businesses and every meeting - despite the common elements - is unique, as shown by the growing number of guests as well as our regular and new Partners who wish to co-author further flagship events with us.

Why us?

  • We organise unique, one-of-a-kind meetings with style, located in the most prestigious location, such as the Egurrola Danece Studio or Holmes Place Premium Club (Hilton Hotel – Warsaw) and the Hilton Hotel itself.
  • We assist in reaching directly to the intended target group by arranging meetings in a casual, club-like atmosphere which promotes purchasing decisions.
  • We provide you the opportunity to raise your business’s prestige and to build brand confidence by taking part in an exceptional and a unique event.