Press conferences

Our Customers’ actions deserve to be talked and written about. To those who wish for wide publicity, we offer a powerful tool for communication and promotion - the press conference.

Why us?

  • We provide comprehensive support, from deciding on the contents of the meeting to post-conference services.
  • We ensure participation of representatives from the most reputable and widely read media in Poland.
  • We handle all matters related to budget, logistics and technical and organizational tasks before, during and after the press conference.

An example of our services:

- establishing the theme of the conference and its purpose

- budget planning, including the preparation of conference materials

- booking the venue, catering, multimedia, preparing gifts

- determining the number of participants, date and the event’s duration

- location selection, taking into account adequate infrastructure, good acoustics and ease of access

- preparing a list of participants

- preparation and distribution of invitations

- assistance in developing the substantive contents of the conference

- creating press materials

- organising a "test" conference

- technical tasks (sound system, projector, microphones, interpreter)

- monitoring the progress of the conference

- post-conference services, including the delivery of press kits to absent journalists and thank-you letters to attendees.