Business Coaching

We offer an individual coaching program for executives and managers, focused on two essential topics – increasing the efficiency of a Company and the efficiency of its leaders.

Business Coaching allows a company to rapidly grow and achieve success through correct market placement. The courses offered by the Royal Prestige Club are designed to achieve these goals.

Examples of Business Coaching courses:

- Handling stress

- Work under time pressure

- Improving leadership skills

- Ability make and communicate tough decisions

- The art of hiring and firing employees

- Leadership and communication management

- Searching for motivation and energy to act

- Interpersonal communication

- Developing relationships with your surroundings

- The skill of resting

- Work and life satisfaction

- Believing in one’s capability to achieve goals


Examples of business courses:

- Project management

- Project risk management and quality management

- Procurement management

- Preparing for the PMP exam

- Managing organizational changes

- Winning in sales

- Managing a project portfolio

- Corporate governance - business ethics

- Sales management

- Persuasion