The Team

Personal coach and career counselor, Master of NLP Practices. Graduated Applied Psychology at the Jagiellonian University, School of Business Coaches and Personal Consultants, postgraduate studies in Career Counselling and Career Planning for the Disabled at the University of Warsaw and 2-year international program "Center Leader".

At the Royal Prestige Club she conducts individual and group trainings and workshops on enhancing management skills and quality of life.

Leśniewska Ariadna,

Coach and certified NLP practitioner. Graduate of the School of Psychology and Interpersonal Communication in Bielsko Biala. As part of the "Equal" program for the National Chamber of Commerce, he co-created the training program "Opportunity in maturity", enhancing employment opportunities for people over 45 years of age.

In cooperation with the Royal Prestige Club he coaches in fields such as: persuasion, sales, negotiation, customer service, management skill workshops and conflict management. He also holds classes in assertiveness, communication, coping with stress, motivation, voice emission and teamwork.

Leśniewski Rafał,

"The the fact that we sometimes do not see the solutions to our problems does not mean that they do not exist, so when things take a negative turn it is better to find a solution with a person from outside of the company and to rebuild the team."

So says a coach - certified auditor, MBA at the Leon Kozminski Academy, passionate about literature and trekking in the Himalayas. In the Royal Prestige Club she is charged with auditing intellectual capital of the company, its reputation and brand, and coaching in this field.

Mrowicka Joanna,

Golf coach certified by the US Golf Teachers Federation, obtained in the US in 2005. Conducts training for individuals and groups, using different teaching aids to improve techniques, including video capture equipment and "Pro V1", "Laser Trainer" and "Medicus Driver" computer software used for swinging technique analysis.

He leads a number of different courses for the Customers of the Royal Prestige Club, from "Fundamentals of golf", "Short Game", "Putting", "Improving the techniques of golf" to golfing integrational events.

Szołdra Marek,